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Filter Press
Sludge-Effluent Filtering Presser

Filter Press
Sludgy - Effluent Filtering Presser
Model FP

- Solid Liquid Separator
- Sludge Cake Remover : Wastewater Treatment, Ceramic, Rice Flour etc.
- Filtration Machines : Sugar Filtration, etc.

How Filter Press Works?

Filter Press System

- Sludge Cake Removal

Sugar Process

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กระบวนการกรองน้ำเชื่อม (Before Clear Syrup)

Mud Filtration without Filter Press
-Very much hot wash water consumed
-High energy required
-Finally mud slurry (mud&water) to WWTP

Mud Filtration with Filter Press
-No hot mater to washing
-Easy to remove mud
-Finally no waste to WWTP


Filter Press model FP

Pressing Elements

Model FP-H
Single Acting Hand Hydraulic


Model FP-M

Single Acting Motorized Hydraulic

Model FP-DM

Double Acting Motorized Hydraulic

Model FP-DMF

Double Acting Motorized Hydraulic with Automatic Plated Shifter

Sludge Dewatering of Filter Press

Typical Filtration Curves

Selection & Sizing for Slurry Dewatering and Cake Removal


Filtration of Filter Press



Selection & Sizing for Filtration


Operating Diagram 1


Operating Diagram 2


Filter Press

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